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Do you have a book you want to self-publish? Do you have a screenplay that needs a developmental edit? Want to adapt your novel into a professional screenplay? At Gangsters Publishing we offer almost every individual service a writer requires!

We have…

  • Line Editing
  • Copy Editing
  • Content Editing
  • Developmental Editing
  • Substantive Editing
  • Book Cover Design (digital, paperback & hardcover)
  • Book-to-Screenplay Adaptations (and reversed)
  • Outline to Screenplay (and reversed)
  • Screenplay Line Editing (and full developmental Editing)
  • Pitch & Synopsis Writing
  • Manuscript Formatting (add data entry too!)
  • Screenplay Formatting (add data entry too!)
  • Ghost Writing
  • Data Entry
  • Transcription Services
  • Business Card Design
  • Brochure Design
  • Flyer Design
  • Postcard Design
  • Custom Bookmark Design
  • Platform Account Set-up 

Once you’re ready to publish your book, go to our distribution page to learn more on getting the most out of your self-publishing efforts. Check out The Truth for valuable publishing tips.

We have loads of free information on maximizing your royalties and expanding your audience reach!

At Gangsters Publishing, we take pride in our services, but we also take great satisfaction in educating independent writers on the reality of self-publishing distribution. We know that online companies exist to capitalize on the hopes and dreams of vulnerable writers. We want you to know our rates are competitive and our information is 100% free, honest, and truthful. While too many companies bank on lies and deceit, our business model is pure honesty. We thrive on it. We’re gangsters of truth!

Don’t get fooled. Get smart.

“We’re flexible, so you don’t have to worry. You’re apart of our gang, and we care about our fellow gangsters.” – Jon Waugh, Creator and Founder of Gangsterspublishing.com


Jon Waugh, Creator and Founder of https://gangsterspublishing.com