What can Gangsters Publishing do for you?

On top of other important services, we offer editing, formatting, book-to-screenplay adaptation services, and open information on self-publishing distribution. 

The second biggest question… How much will it cost?

Our prices are tailored to specific budgets. 

Just make us an offer we can refuse.

If it doesn’t work for us… we’ll suggest other ways that work for you!

Not everyone’s budget is the same, and because of that, we want to ensure everyone gets fair access to important literature services.

Check out our services here. 

Please note: Gangsters Publishing REFUSES to take author royalties. We will link clients to the available publishing platforms. If clients struggle with setting up their self-publishing accounts, we offer account creation. This means, we will register you with your account of choice, set it up and upload your book and cover. After that, we will hand over the account to the client. From there, it will be the client’s responsibility to change the password to that account.