Screenplay Pitch Writing

Screenplay Pitch Writing

Mailing out query letters is one of the less nerve-racking ways to sell a screenplay since shy clients don’t have to look anyone straight in the eye. At Gangsters Publishing, we will read the client script as well as the outline, then develop a short 2-3 paragraph pitch and logline.

For sending out pitches, you’re going to need the addresses of all the producers and agents available. However, many pitches you plan to mail, remember that #10 business envelopes are what you’ll need. Fold your pitch/query letter twice to make three sides, place your address label on the envelope with a return address and then get some stamps. Mail them out and, well… Good luck!

On the flip-side, if you have a killer screenplay, luck shouldn’t be a factor (but sometimes it is) … time, tactic, talent, and networking are. Another alternative is to attend a pitching session in Los Angeles where you can pitch face to face with Hollywood producers.

Do it online here.

You’ll only have a few minutes, but it could be your big break. Another great thing you can do, attend film festivals and meet tons of people. Talk about your script, a lot. If you can get produced by an indie filmmaker, you can build your writing credits that way as well.