About GP

Why is it called, ‘Gangsters Publishing?’

NOTE: We don’t sell drugs or kill people. We edit stuff.

We call ourselves gangsters because… in the digital world, 95% of internet goons bank on lies and scams, so we started a gang… a gang of truth. Think of GP as the Edward Snowden of self-publishing, on a small scale.

We’re gangsters of truth. We’re helping to pull the rug out from underneath the vanity presses.Then we’re helping to wrap them up in the rug, and threw them out to sea… to swim with the fish. (Figuratively speaking if course.)

Looking to self-publish? Watch your back, kid! Those guys were using Ingramspark to sell publishing packages from $800 up to $15,000. Hello! It’s only $49 USD. Sometimes, features of the packages have no direct dollar value, like the Amazon Look-Inside feature. That’s free by default! If you do your own distribution, you’ll take home a lot more in royalties when you sell book copies.

Most self-publishing authors didn’t know it was only $49 bucks to get their books in hardback with distribution to 39,000 online retailers with book store availability. Yes, this just got real.

Long story short, we got real angry and decided to lock and load our Tommy Guns and blast away at the truth.

At Gangsters Publishing, we take pride in our services, but we also take great satisfaction in educating independent writers on the reality of self-publishing distribution. We know that online companies exist to capitalize on the hopes and dreams of vulnerable writers.

We want you to know our rates are completely negotiable and our information is 100% free, honest, and truthful. While too many companies bank on lies and deceit, our business model is pure honesty. We thrive on it. We’re gangsters of truth!

Don’t get fooled. Get smart.

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Meet Jon Waugh, Creator and Founder of Gangsters Publishing.