Book to Screenplay Adaptation Services

Book to Screenplay Adaptation Service

Whether your book is selling like hotcakes, or your manuscript would simply make a better movie, we can turn your book into a spine-chilling script of excitement.

Our adaptation service is our largest and most prestigious service we have. We have over 18+ year’s experience, an education at Vancouver Film School (2011), a $4000 scholarship towards the tuition, and only 15 screenwriting books available on the market, NOT read (as of 2017). When we write screenplays, we write until the project gives us goosebumps and chills we’re that excited. Because we’re not into second-rate material, we offer our adaptation assessment service. This means, the author will have a better idea as to whether or not it’s going to be worth the investment. However, this is the author’s choice and is not mandatory, just recommended.

The film industry is known to be a cold and heartless business. We’ve heard stories of writers working years to create what they believed to be Oscar-winning screenplays only to have one small, tiny mistake that gets their project tossed into a blue recycling bin without a second thought. The chilling and miserable truth is, yes, you MUST be the very best. It can never, ever be overstated enough.

Considering how Gangsters Publishing specializes in authorship and screenwriting, we know that there are millions of books written every year in which few of them ever sell more than 100 copies. Can you think of one self-published book that got turned into a movie aside from Fifty Shades of Grey? Not too many. That means, not too many authors are going to be asked for the movie rights. Fifty Shades was picked up because the social proof was there. The sales volumes proved it.

Sometimes a book is great as a book, and sometimes, some books would be better as a movie. Writing and selling screenplays isn’t the same as it was in the 1990’s. It’s not as easy to sell a speculative script to a studio. Now in 2018, the financial economy is tighter, and studios need to know it’s going to work before they fork over massive investments into your project.

Here’s a list of elements we look for when we’re assessing your project:

  1. Quality of the author’s published material
  2. Subject matter (overall concept)
  3. Story archetypes
  4. Believability/Readability
  5. Genre
  6. Story structure
  7. Pacing
  8. Character goals
  9. Action
  10. Usable transitions
  11. Character motivation
  12. Story conflict
  13. Story climax
  14. Dialogue (Crisp, and original dialogue)
  15. Strong original characters with well-developed character arcs
  16. Structured plot points and twists
  17. Increasing conflicts and resolutions
  18. Scene reversals
  19. Action (direction of action) grammar, spelling, syntax, passive voice in action direction, ensuring of present tense text, sticky sentences, repeated words, and plagiarism checks.
  20. Proper use of transitions (if any are used)
  21. Ensuring scenes are created visually
  22. B-story (or subplot, if any)
  23. Watching for cliche dialogue, action etc.

So, if you’re in the market for an adaptation, we urge you to have our professional assessment done before you consider financing an entire adaption. This service will determine if your book is what we call, “true” or “false.” If your book is determined to be true, it indicates that your book can be transformed into a screenplay with selling potential. If your book is determined to be false, it indicates that there is not enough evidence to support the speculation of success. You might consider a rewrite or adapting a different project. On the other hand if you insist, we will adapt your book.

Aside from the elements of high entertainment value and great editing, we look for social proof to support the justification to adapt your novel. Have you sold thousands of copies of you book already? Are you a New York Times best seller? Do you have a multitude of positive reviews among online retail platforms?

That’s the first thing we look for. Second, we look to current movie trends to estimate the length of time it will take to create your final draft to the marketing table. For example, when a Star Wars movie is released, it’s a valuable time to take advantage of the science fiction genre. There’s a time and place for everything, particularly in the entertainment field. (NOTE: Credits are as follows: Book by {Client/Author Name}; Screenplay by {Gangsters Publishing Screenwriter’s name}. Clients will be acquainted with their screenwriter via online communication.)