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NOTE: All editing services 3 rounds of editing and a final proofread.

Line Editing

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We check for grammar, punctuation, spelling, consistency, sentence structure, paragraph structure, overly used words (obvious ones), passive sentences, consistency, readability, cliches, repeats, syntax, pacing, transitions, and homonym inaccuracies. We also offer to assist with rewriting/rewording sections that need help. We are here to make sure that you are putting out the best quality products possible. Our line editors will go over each sentence to make sure it is ready for publication. This is your final defense, the last step, the difference between being a writer with a marketable concept, and a professional author. Order now or get a quote.

Copy Editing

Our goal with copy editing is to ensure that client content is accurate, easy to follow, fit for its purpose, and free of error, omission, inconsistency, and repetition. We check for grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors. In the context of publication in print, copy editing, is done before typesetting and again before proofreading, the last step in the editorial cycle. Order now or get a quote.

Content Editing

This is where an we look at your manuscript from the “big picture” viewpoint. Our content editor keeps her finger on the pulse of the message while making sure that manuscripts are well-written. Our content editor will ask these questions: Is the theme or plot of the book well-developed and organized? If it is a novel, is there good story-telling and snappy dialog? Does the story move at a good pace? Are the characters original and believable? Are the sub-plots well-integrated? If we spot anything that could use change, we will make the notes for our clients.

With both fiction and non-fiction, sometimes there can be contradictions, inconsistencies, factual errors or discrepancies. Is there an introduction and conclusion? Is the book written for the right target market and will it grab attention? A content editor may review and return the manuscript to the writer with suggestions to re-write, move, delete or add sections, or perhaps we will offer to do that work ourselves. Order now or get a quote.

Developmental Editing

Developmental editing is a form of writing support that comes into play before or during the production of a publishable manuscript, especially in the area of non-fiction writing. As explained by Scott Norton in his book Developmental editing: a handbook for freelancers, authors, and publishers, developmental editing involves “…significant structuring or restructuring of a manuscript’s discourse.”

Substantive Editing

In substantive editing (also known as developmental editing and comprehensive editing), our editor considers a document’s concept and intended use, content, organization, design, and style. Does it all fit together into a coherent whole? Is the order of presentation logical (from the target audience’s point of view)? Is all the necessary information included, and unnecessary information deleted? Are the retrieval aids (table of contents, internal headings, index) useful? Do they contain terms that are useful to the target audience? These are things we’re trained look for! Order now or get a quote.

Screenplay Editing

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[Please note: We are not a coverage service. We do not ‘doctor’ screenplays. We are strictly editors. Although we check for everything like a ‘script doctor,’ our title is still ‘Editor.’]

Whether your screenplay is fiction or non-fiction, Gangsters Publishing offers line, copy, content, and developmental editing, all-in-one. We also look at profitability in terms of writer-to-producer sales potential with the level of entertainment value. From there, we look at screenplay structure (to make sure it works), timing and pacing, character development, current trends, dialogue consistencies and and much more. (Note: Structure is important but as a great story that works.) Scroll down to towards the bottom see our list under ‘Adaptation Services.’

Have you completed the final draft of your screenplay? With our proofreading services, we look for spelling errors, grammar mistakes and inconsistencies. You want to be double sure your movie script is the best that it can be. After all, who knows how much it’s worth? Could be $100K Let’s make sure things are flawless. Order now or get a quote.

Editing Assessment

Go ahead, test us out! First two pages are on us!

This is an important feature that we offer as it helps the writer prepare to spend their editing funds in the correct category of editing services. It’s similar to an ex-ray. The doctor needs to see what he’s dealing with from a bird’s-eye view before he can perform a successful surgery. This feature can save a lot of time, and money. 

This includes both novels, novellas, and screenplays, both fiction and nonfiction. Once the editing assessment is purchased and performed, the client will be notified on the type of editing needed or whether a rewrite is suggested. Should we suggest a rewrite, it remains the sole discretion of the client to act on our suggestion.

General Ghost Writing

(Please note: This service is only available to novels, novellas, short stories, and screenplays.)

Our ghost writing services can be a wonderful help. This service can be used by busy authors and businesses, and anyone looking for professionally written projects. All you have to do is supply us with point form content in which to build the project on and an estimate of your desired word count. Just the order form or quote form for the next step. Order now or get a quote.

Screenplay Pitch Writing

Mailing out query letters is one of the less nerve-racking ways to sell a screenplay since shy clients don’t have to look anyone straight in the eye. At Gangsters Publishing, we will read the client script as well as the outline, then develop a short 2-3 paragraph pitch and logline.

For sending out pitches, you’re going to need the addresses of all the producers and agents available. However, many pitches you plan to mail, remember that #10 business envelopes are what you’ll need. Fold your pitch/query letter twice to make three sides, place your address label on the envelope with a return address and then get some stamps. Mail them out and, well… Good luck!

On the flip-side, if you have a killer screenplay, luck shouldn’t be a factor (but sometimes it is) … time, tactic, talent, and networking are. Another alternative is to attend a pitching session in Los Angeles where you can pitch face to face with Hollywood producers, or do it online here. You’ll only have a few minutes, but it could be your big break. Another great thing you can do, attend film festivals and meet tons of people. Talk about your script, a lot. If you can get produced by an indie filmmaker, you can build your writing credits that way as well. Order now or get a quote.

E-book Cover Design

Do you need professional graphic design services to bring out the best image to portray your e-book’s concept and plot? Just fill out our order form with your desired color scheme, theme, and genre! Don’t forget to tell us about your book! Do you have specific notes? Let us know in the comments section of our order form. E-book cover designs will be made available in the following formats: JPG, PDF, PNG, MOBI, EPUB with the source file ready for commercial use. Order now or get a quote.

Paperback Cover Design

With our paperback book cover option, there’s a few things you will need. First, you will an ISBN with a barcode which you can purchase at for US residents or go to for Canadians. ISBNs are free for Canadian residents through the Government of Canada. If you’re going to have a paperback produced, it’s our guess, you’re likely also producing an e-book. In which case, you will need two ISBNs. You will need one for each format.

The purpose of ISBNs is similar an ID number on your driver’s license or SSN/SIN. Should there be another book out there with the same title and author name, your unique ISBN will be the unique identifier that separates your book from the similar one.

Unlike the e-book, you will need metadata content for the back-cover. This is a short bio of the author’s writing history and/or experience, a short description of the book (something that catches the reader’s interest), and a blurb from your book.

We encourage authors to choose the most impactful blurb that speaks for the entire story. You have the option of including our ghost writing service for your back-cover pitch and re-writing your author bio. Also, you will need a profession head-shot photograph of yourself for the back cover. This will help readers become familiar with you as an author.

Hardback Cover Design

For the hardback cover design, it’s the same as with a paperback, but now, you’ll need three ISBNs. Each ISBN will be the unique identifier (cataloging number) for each format your book is made available. You will need the same metadata and information for the back cover of your hardback as your paperback.

ISBN and Barcodes

(International Standard Book Number) ISBN stands for, International Standard Book Number.

With this number, your book can be found easily online or through computer systems of brick and mortar stores. This number also acts as the main identification for your book. Should there ever be a book with the same title and author name, your ISBN will set your book apart from the one that’s similar in nature.

To take advantage of our distribution tricks, you will need to purchase your own ISBN. Our ISBNs come from, a division of, the official US Government site for ISBNs and barcode sales. See Distribution for a few tricks.

(Please note: The Government of Canada supplies ISBNs free of charge to Canadian citizens. We do not believe they supply barcodes. For Canadian authors, visit – Government of Canada.

Manuscript Formatting

(Please note: We offer formatting exclusively for novels, novellas, short stories and screenplays. We do not perform APA formatting.)

Formatting a novel correctly can be difficult. To have a book looking traditionally published  is a job in itself. Having a properly formatted manuscript is just as important as having it professionally edited. A couple small errors can be damaging to a writer’s career before it even gets started.

In this service, we provide the absolute best manuscript formatting for self-publishing authors online. Client books will be formatted into ePub, .Mobi, Kindle, and PDF. Order now or get a quote.

Screenplay Formatting

(Please note: We offer formatting exclusively for novels, novellas, short stories and screenplays. We do not perform APA formatting.)

There are multiple software programs available online for screenwriters.Some are costly, some are free. Film Producers are known to be very professional in dealing with major purchases. It’s common for experienced screenwriters to have their manuscripts properly formatted using Final Draft. 

Should a writer complete their project in MS Word or any other writing program outside the recommended screenwriting software program, the writer must seek the appropriate software or have that project professionally formatted. This is where we come in. Should a writer need a screenplay formatted, just fill out our order/quote form and upload your project.

If the writer needs data entry as well….

It’s not uncommon to have completed a feature screenplay by longhand (pen and paper) with the intention of typing it later. Whether your computer is facing technical issues, or you haven’t yet purchased the desired software before starting your project, we can help. Just fill out the order/quote form here.

With this service, we will type out your hand-written screenplay in Final Draft 10 screenwriting software in the correct format. From there, we will send you a PDF proof and a file saved in Final Draft for Windows. Once you get the software installed onto your computer, you will be able to open your screenplay in the correct program.

Once you’re all up to date, remember, when you purchase Final Draft for yourself, ensure you register your program and save your file in your own name. Film producers will then have further proof of the author ownership. Order now or get a quote.

Book to Screenplay Adaptation Service

Whether your book is selling like hotcakes, or your manuscript would simply make a better movie, we can turn your book into a spine-chilling script of excitement.

Our adaptation service is our largest and most prestigious service we have. We have over 18+ year’s experience, an education at Vancouver Film School (2011), a $4000 scholarship towards the tuition, and only 15 screenwriting books available on the market, NOT read (as of 2017). When we write screenplays, we write until the project gives us goosebumps and chills we’re that excited. Because we’re not into second-rate material, we offer our adaptation assessment service. This means, the author will have a better idea as to whether or not it’s going to be worth the investment. However, this is the author’s choice and is not mandatory, just recommended.

The film industry is known to be a cold and heartless business. We’ve heard stories of writers working years to create what they believed to be Oscar-winning screenplays only to have one small, tiny mistake that gets their project tossed into a blue recycling bin without a second thought. The chilling and miserable truth is, yes, you MUST be the very best. It can never, ever be overstated enough.

Considering how Gangsters Publishing specializes in authorship and screenwriting, we know that there are millions of books written every year in which few of them ever sell more than 100 copies. Can you think of one self-published book that got turned into a movie aside from Fifty Shades of Grey? Not too many. That means, not too many authors are going to be asked for the movie rights. Fifty Shades was picked up because the social proof was there. The sales volumes proved it.

Sometimes a book is great as a book, and sometimes, some books would be better as a movie. Writing and selling screenplays isn’t the same as it was in the 1990’s. It’s not as easy to sell a speculative script to a studio. Now in 2018, the financial economy is tighter, and studios need to know it’s going to work before they fork over massive investments into your project.

Here’s a list of elements we look for when we’re assessing your project:

  1. Quality of the author’s published material
  2. Subject matter (overall concept)
  3. Story archetypes
  4. Believability/Readability
  5. Genre
  6. Story structure
  7. Pacing
  8. Character goals
  9. Action
  10. Usable transitions
  11. Character motivation
  12. Story conflict
  13. Story climax
  14. Dialogue (Crisp, and original dialogue)
  15. Strong original characters with well-developed character arcs
  16. Structured plot points and twists
  17. Increasing conflicts and resolutions
  18. Scene reversals
  19. Action (direction of action) grammar, spelling, syntax, passive voice in action direction, ensuring of present tense text, sticky sentences, repeated words, and plagiarism checks.
  20. Proper use of transitions (if any are used)
  21. Ensuring scenes are created visually
  22. B-story (or subplot, if any)
  23. Watching for cliche dialogue, action etc.

So, if you’re in the market for an adaptation, we urge you to have our professional assessment done before you consider financing an entire adaption. This service will determine if your book is what we call, “true” or “false.” If your book is determined to be true, it indicates that your book can be transformed into a screenplay with selling potential. If your book is determined to be false, it indicates that there is not enough evidence to support the speculation of success. You might consider a rewrite or adapting a different project. On the other hand if you insist, we will adapt your book.

Aside from the elements of high entertainment value and great editing, we look for social proof to support the justification to adapt your novel. Have you sold thousands of copies of you book already? Are you a New York Times best seller? Do you have a multitude of positive reviews among online retail platforms?

That’s the first thing we look for. Second, we look to current movie trends to estimate the length of time it will take to create your final draft to the marketing table. For example, when a Star Wars movie is released, it’s a valuable time to take advantage of the science fiction genre. There’s a time and place for everything, particularly in the entertainment field. Order now or get a quote or see our Rates page. (NOTE: Credits are as follows: Book by {Client/Author Name}; Screenplay by {Gangsters Publishing Screenwriter’s name}. Clients will be acquainted with their screenwriter via online communication.)

Screenplay to Outline Ghost Writing

Oftentimes when screenwriters gain the attention of a Hollywood agent, manager or producer, the writer can be asked to submit an outline or a treatment after a pitch. An outline helps the producer or agent get a better understanding of the contents of the screenplay faster than reading the full manuscript. If they like the manuscript, sometimes they will ask if the writer has a different screenplay to get a better idea of the writing style, and what the writer is capable of. 

We understand that a lot of aspiring screenwriters are busy completing multiple projects and don’t have enough time to write pitches and outlines. Some screenwriters excel in screenwriting itself, but choose to seek out assistance in other areas of the marketing process. Screenplay pitches, outlines and treatments are all part of getting the masterpiece into the right hands. When we write, we don’t just write; we aim to make it the next big thing!  Order now or get a quote

Data Entry Service

(Please note: Exclusive to novels, novellas, short stories, and screenplays in English only.)

(Our data entry service is something we regard as extremely useful to authors and screenwriters. Formatting for books and screenplays is included in this service. Let us help you lighten the load by taking advantage of our data entry service to help you save time and money.  Order now or get a quote.

Transcription Audio Services

(Please note: Exclusive to novels, novellas, short stories, and screenplays in English only.)

(Audio recording to MS Word or Final Draft 10 must be in English only.) 

Take advantage of our cost effective transcribing service. Like Data Entry,  the writer’s recorded story will be types and formatted into MS Word or Final Draft and format it along the way. (Please note: full editing is not included, but a general line edit is.)  Order now or get a quote.

Screenplay to Book Service

Our screenplay-to-book service is the opposite of our book-to-screenplay adaptation service. We understand that breaking into the movie business can be a very tough goal to achieve, and sometimes discouraging. It can be extremely expensive as well. Sometimes, writers must attend prestigious film schools just to network with the right people. The student loan cost can cost more than the average college course! (However, if you do get a chance to go to a film school, it’s lots of fun!) Therefore, we’re offering to ghostwrite your screenplay into a novel that you can publish on your own!

If you have a remarkable story that you feel MUST be told, this service might be for you. We have everything you’ll need to help you get your screenplay into a beautiful digital, paperback, and hardcover format. This service is classified under ghost writing in which the charge is $0.05 per word.

The service requires a down payment of $500.00, (equal to 10,000 words). From there, the screenplay will be adapted into a novel between 100 pages and 500 pages. We also ask that you give us your desired page count, so we can give you a better estimate of the final cost. Payment is due before each 10,000 words written.

When the remainder of the cost is paid, we will then go ahead with providing a custom book cover of your choice (which you can describe to us in the order form), formatting for maximum distribution, a Bowker ISBN and barcode, back cover sales copy and a full line and copy edit. From there, your new novel will be publish-ready! All you’ll have to do then is uploaded to your desired platforms and start marketing and selling your new product! Links for publishing platforms are found here.  Order now or get a quote.

Outline to Screenplay Ghost Writing

Have a great idea for movie but don’t want to write the script? Hire us! We’ll ghost write the entire thing and put your name on it! After that, you can go ahead and find its market and reap 100% of the profits.

How does it work? The client would write an outline, usually about 10,000 words, then the client would submit the piece to Gangsters Publishing, receive an invoice for the first half of the work and once the first payment is made, the project will commence.

After the first draft is complete, Gangsters Publishing will send the script via PDF and Final Draft for the client to review. If the screenplay is satisfactory, the client can then go ahead and market their new screenplay to whoever they wish while retaining 100% full rights to the new manuscript.  Order now or get a quote.

Distribution Accounts Set-up Service

Hopefully, you’ve gotten a sneak-peek at our distribution page and now have the run-down on how we operate.  If it seems complicated and intimidating, don’t worry, we can help. We will create all your publishing accounts for you with your email and we will upload all your work for you. When we’re done, we will hand over the reins and you can create a new password on each account. Or, take advantage of our Accounts Management for $100 a year. We will handle all your uploads, metadata changes, book cover changes, and everything that comes with managing your book through self-publishing platforms. (Please note: The Accounts Management Service does not require the author’s banking information. We only require a mailing address for author royalty checks to be sent to authors. GP does not take any royalties.)   Order now or get a quote