With our paperback book cover option, there’s a few things you will need. First, you will an ISBN with a barcode which you can purchase at for US residents . For Canadian   residents, go to:

ISBNs are free for Canadian residents through the Government of Canada. If you’re going to have a paperback produced, it’s our guess, you’re likely also producing an e-book. In which case, you will need two ISBNs. You will need one for each format.

The purpose of ISBNs is to identify your book as a unique piece of content. Just in case there is a similar book title and author name, the ISBNs will separate the two as different pieces of content. Should there be another book out there with the same title and author name, your unique ISBN will be the unique identifier that separates your book from the similar one.

ISBN and Barcodes

(International Standard Book Number) ISBN stands for, International Standard Book Number.

With this number, your book can be found easily online or through computer systems of brick and mortar stores. This number also acts as the main identification for your book. Should there ever be a book with the same title and author name, your ISBN will set your book apart from the one that’s similar in nature.

To take advantage of our distribution tricks, you will need to purchase your own ISBN. Our ISBNs come from, a division of, the official US Government site for ISBNs and barcode sales.

Free ISBNs for residents outside of Canada can get them at and

See Distribution for a few tricks.

(Please note: The Government of Canada supplies ISBNs free of charge to Canadian citizens. We do not believe they supply barcodes. For Canadian authors, visit –

Government of Canada  .

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