Most services online have a price tag that doesn’t budge. At Gangsters Publishing, we want to provide greater access to literature services for those struggling financially. If you’re on a budget, no problem, just pitch an offer. We’ll negotiate.


Copy Editing (Valued at $0.015/Word)

Line Editing (Valued at $0.03/Word)

Content Editing (Valued at $0.02-$0.04/Word)

Developmental & Substantive Editing (Valued at $0.06-$0.08/Word)

Screenplay Line Editing (Valued at $0.03/Word)

Screenplay Developmental Editing (Valued at $3.00-$5.00/Page)


Book to Screenplay Adaptation ASSESSMENT (Valued at $120-$165)

Book to Screenplay Adaptation (Short stories, novellas, novels, and commercials; sales copy script. Valued at $2500 Per Draft)

Outline/Concept to Screenplay (Authors retain all rights for studio resale. Valued at $1800)

Screenplay to Outline (Valued at $300-$450)

Manuscript Synopsis Writing (Valued at $150-$350)

General Ghost Writing (Novels, novellas, short stories and screenplays only. Valued at $0.05/Word)

Screenplay Pitch Writing Service (Valued at $150)

Book and Screenplay formatting

For all residents outside Canada and India, please visit bowker.com or myidentifiers.com for ISBN and barcode sales. For Canadian residents visit www.bac-lac.gc.ca/eng for free ISBN assignment.

Manuscript Formatting (PDF, ePub & Mobi – Valued at $50)

Screenplay Formatting with Data Entry (Valued at $550)

Transcription Audio & Data Entry (Manuscripts and screenplays only from audio to digital text, or longhand to digital text – Valued at $1.50/Minute of audio and/or Page of )

Distribution Accounts Set-up Service (online self-publishing platforms) – Includes: Smashwords, Createspace, Lulu.com, and kdp.amazon.com. ($20 per account creation). Note: These publishing platforms are 100% free to do yourself. You can also save time and effort by going to www.draft2digital.com.

(Note: Gangsters Publishing is not affiliated whatsoever with draft2digital.com. We can only suggest alternative self-publishing routes.)

Go ahead, make us an offer we can’t refuse! 

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