Screenplay Editing

Screenplay Editing

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[Please note: We are not a coverage service. We do not ‘doctor’ screenplays. We are strictly editors. Although we check for everything like a ‘script doctor,’ our title is still ‘Editor.’]

Whether your screenplay is fiction or non-fiction, Gangsters Publishing offers copy, content, and developmental editing. With screenplay copy editing, we check  the overall grammar, spelling, and punctuation of the script.

For content editing, we do an extensive fact check. Fact checking involves, physics of character actions, information and realism.

Without our developmental editing, we check the following elements:

  1. Quality of the author’s published material
  2. Subject matter (overall concept)
  3. Story archetypes
  4. Believability/Readability
  5. Genre
  6. Story structure
  7. Pacing
  8. Character goals
  9. Action
  10. Usable transitions
  11. Character motivation
  12. Story conflict
  13. Story climax
  14. Dialogue (Crisp, and original dialogue)
  15. Strong original characters with well-developed character arcs
  16. Structured plot points and twists
  17. Increasing conflicts and resolutions
  18. Scene reversals
  19. Action (direction of action) grammar, spelling, syntax, passive voice in action direction, ensuring of present tense text, sticky sentences, repeated words, and plagiarism checks.
  20. Proper use of transitions (if any are used)
  21. Ensuring scenes are created visually
  22. B-story (or subplot, if any)
  23. Watching for cliche dialogue, action etc.

We also look at profitability in terms of writer-to-producer sales potential with the level of entertainment value. From there, we look at screenplay structure (to make sure it works), timing and pacing, character development, current trends, dialogue consistencies and and much more. (Note: Structure is important but as a great story that works.) Scroll down to towards the bottom see our list under ‘Adaptation Services.’

Have you completed the final draft of your screenplay? With our proofreading services, we look for spelling errors, grammar mistakes and inconsistencies. You want to be double sure your movie script is the best that it can be. After all, who knows how much it’s worth? Could be $100K Let’s make sure things are flawless.