Terms of Service

Gangsters Publishing Terms of Service

A) Gangsters Publishing reserves the right to change, remove and/or modify any of its services, and pricing at any time without notice to its clients. Clients and customers of Gangsters Publishing fully understand that, by purchasing services from Gangsters Publishing, Gangsters Publishing will not be held liable under any circumstances whatsoever should its clients find dissatisfaction with the services the client receives from Gangsters Publishing. Gangsters Publishing reserves the right to refund at Gangsters Publishing’s discretion.

B) The client of Gangsters Publishing fully understands and has put in good faith that Gangsters Publishing will do everything in its power to deliver top satisfactory services to its clients. However, the client understands that Gangsters Publishing, like any service that exists, is not perfect and does not have the power to avoid all possible dissatisfaction.

C) Gangsters Publishing is not responsible for any outcomes, good or bad, of its ghost writing services. Gangsters Publishing does not guarantee success. Gangsters Publishing’s clients who purchase our ghost writing services understand the risks involved in utilizing these services. Should any college student, university student, including anyone within any type of school system, use our ghost writing service to gain higher grades, credits or any type of benefits within that school system understands that in doing so, is unethical practice and can result in undesirable consequences. Gangsters Publishing is not responsible for the motives, ethics or intended use of material by its clients.

Gangsters Publishing is not responsible for any outcome, punishment or prosecution any student of any school system may suffer. Gangsters Publishing encourages its clients to use our ghost writing services for only novels, novellas, short stories, and screenplays based on original ideas and concepts from the client. Gangsters Publishing is not responsible for ghost writing copyrighted material unknowingly. Gangsters Publishing holds all rights to ghost written projects until after payments are made in full.

D) Clients of Gangsters Publishing who purchase the book-to-screenplay understand that this particular service is a type of ghost writing. Gangsters Publishing does not hold the rights to the screenplay adaptation of their book. The client understands and agrees to have their client name on the screenplay as, “screenplay by,” as well as, “novel by” followed by their client name.

E) Gangsters Publishing and all of its services are final sales only. Gangsters Publishing clients agree and fully understand that to use the services of Gangsters Publishing is at their own risk and discretion. Gangsters Publishing clients are fully aware that Gangsters Publishing will do everything in its power to create the best experience for their clients.

F) Clients of Gangsters Publishing understand and are fully responsible to stay within the applicable copyright laws of their country and any other country applicable. Gangsters Publishing takes no responsibility and claims no liability whatsoever in its services for its clients. All clients know and understand that they shall not use Gangsters Publishing at any point in time therein for illegal activity. Clients who are caught conducting illegal activity and involving Gangsters Publishing take full responsibility for their actions.

G) Gangsters Publishing clients fully understand that Gangsters Publishing does not accept or send encrypted information such as sensitive and classified  government or legal documents etc. Clients send at their own risk.

H) Gangsters Publishing clients fully understand that it is the client’s responsibility to attain proper copyrights on their work before submitting it to Gangsters Publishing or any company online. US Copyright Office. Canadian Copyright office.

I) Gangsters Publishing clients are fully aware that our editors are prohibited from sharing client work with any third parties at any time.